Welcome to the Park Charles South Subdivision

The Park Charles South HOA is at work to keep our subdivision a premier destination in St. Charles County. Please visit our links and contact the Board of Directors with questions, suggestions or concerns.

We have upcoming meetings and events that all are encouraged to attend. Please check the website for updates and opportunities for involvement.

Upcoming Events

Easter Egg Hunt       Saturday April 12th   10AM!!!

*On the Atwater / Newberry Common Ground

Look for the balloons and come early, we'll start the egg hunt at 10:00am.


Spring Garage Sale   Saturday May 17th

Fishing Derby           Saturday September 6th 

Fall Garage Sale       Saturday September 13th

Santa's Visit             Sunday December 14th

New Phone Number

The Association has a new phone number as of 12-19-13:


Permit Forms

A new 'Permits' section has been added to the 'Did You Know' tab.

Monument Lights Are Coming!

** UPDATE(4-4-14): The Ashbrook Light is On!! 


Pole lights will soon be installed at the Ashbrook and Lake Hill entrance monuments. As the ground lights were frequently vandalized, the board looked for a pole light option. A contractor has been secured and installation should begin soon. After the contractor’s work is complete, Ameren will install the pole lights.


Below are renderings to illustrate the location of the poles (not the appearance of the lights). The Ashbrook light will shine over the monument, allowing both sides of the intersection to be illuminated. And the Lake Hill light pole will have two heads, one over the entrance side and one over the exit side.


Also, a light was recently added to an existing electric pole at the Bridgeport entrance to help illuminate that intersection.


We’re making great progress and are working to make it a great year
in the PCS!